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About The Awards

About the Awards

Innovation is at the heart of what we do at the CIOB, whether it’s driving up standards, improving efficiency or helping our members achieve new levels of sustainability. We like to be challenged. We know that continually improving how we do things is vital to the health of our sector.


The focus of our Awards is to highlight the importance of innovation and research in raising performance levels, enhancing best practice and improving the quality of the built environment. But there is another important goal: to encourage the brightest industry newcomers: the recent graduates and post graduates who are already making a valuable contribution and could lead on innovation in the future.


The Awards are the only built environment awards that recognise and promote the achievements of individuals, rather than project teams or companies.


To reflect our rapidly changing sector and to ensure that the Awards remain relevant, we’ve made some changes in 2013, overhauling existing categories and adding two new ones:


The Digital Innovation Award, encompasses any exciting implementation of digital technologies, from building information modelling to mobile technology and e-commerce.


Also new, the Innovation in Education and Training Award recognises the fundamental importance that education, professional development and training play in developing a safe, well trained and knowledgeable workforce, as well as nurturing the leaders and thinkers of tomorrow.


All winners will receive their prizes, trophies and certificates in a formal ceremony. The winners will have an international platform from which to promote their ideas, enhance their careers, and gain recognition from the 48,000 CIOB members and beyond.


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