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Digital Innovation Award 2016


The Digital Innovation Award aims to recognise the most innovative and forward thinking use of digital technologies in the design, construction or operation of the built environment.




•    Premier Award (£2,000, trophy and certificate)
•    Highly Commended Award (£500, trophy and certificate)
•    Merit Award (trophy and certificate)


Rules of Entry


In addition to the General Rules of Entry,  
•    Submissions should cover any advanced implementation of digital technologies (e.g. building information modelling, advanced visualisation or simulation, mobile technology, e-commerce, etc.) that has improved upon – or extended beyond – current expectations of best practice.
•    Submissions must provide brief and convincing answers to the following questions on the entry form. The answer to each question is limited to 300 words:
     -    What was the need that the innovation sought to address?
     -    Provide an overview of the innovation and explain why it was innovative.

     -  What were the challenges that had to be overcome to enable the innovation to come to fruition? 

     -  What did you do to lead and move the innovation through to implementation?  

     -  What were the achievements or improvement in terms of measurable outcomes?
     -  What were the overall benefits and/or impacts and to whom?
•    Drawings, photographs or supporting documents may be attached to the entry form if deemed appropriate. The attachment is limited to four A4-sized pages only.
•    Submissions of joint innovation between practitioners and academics are welcome.
•    Entrant(s) should be the individual(s) who did most to lead and move the innovation through to implementation.  Name(s) of the entrant(s) who would be the recipient of the award should be made clear on the entry form. 
•    No individual can make more than one submission. 


Selection Procedure and Criteria 


Stage 1: Assessment of submissions


•    Entries should provide clear answers and convincing evidence in response to the questions on the entry form.
•    The best candidates will be shortlisted and invited to give presentations to the Judging Panel for a final judgement. Candidates failing to give presentations will be disqualified.


Stage 2: Assessment of presentations


Key assessment criteria for judging the described innovation:


•    Originality.
•    Improvement in best practice.
•    Significant benefits or impacts. 

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How to apply

1. Read the rules of entry
2. Download and complete the entry form
3. Send to

The I&R Awards Team

The Chartered Institute of Building

1 Arlington Square

Downshire Way 


RG12 1WA