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Gregory Malek

Gregory Malek

Merit Award Winner 2015
BiMUp 5D: Using BiMUp™ and SketchUp® as a BIM Platform

Research Abstract

The need for the innovation was created by a sequence of events associated with a large feasibility study of 1100 residential units where substantial amount of design required several options to be drawn and quantified in a timely manner including schedules of residential tenures, mixed-use commercial spaces including soft and hard landscape areas. The problem could be solved by a simple BIM plugin for the most popular 3D modelling software called SketchUp®. BiMUp 5D could be used to quantify building materials at the early stages of housing design (e.g. RIBA Plan of Work Stage 2).  




The idea of BiMUp 5D was born, which was subsequently brought to market because of a belief that it is the crucial ‘missing part to the jigsaw’ that enables 5D BIM using SketchUp® to become a reality. It is a simple, but quite remarkable, software that enables quantities to be taken off in the SketchUp® model. This means that quantities, schedules and cost-modelling can be auto-generated from the earliest design models and that each time there is a change, the spreadsheets are also updated automatically. BiMUp 5D has been used on several construction projects to quantify various construction elements.

Winner's Bios

Mr Gregory Malek

BiMUp Limited, UK

Gregory has extensive experience in design, planning and construction management, acquired from working at the Top 100 world’s largest multidisciplinary architectural practice and the AJ120. He has been involved in the design of various residential, commercial, educational and healthcare projects, starting from inception - through tender - to practical completion with contract values between £100K to £85M and urban projects in excess of £100M. His long track record in IT and software implementation for professionals goes back to the 90s, where he was at the heart of the first BIM products like MicroStation, ArchiCAD and ArchiTECH.PC. He has over 20 years of experience in using CAD systems.


Judge's comments

“BiMUp 5D recognises a gap in the market for small and medium-sized companies to access and work in a BIM environment. By means of a simple plugin for a readily available 3D modelling software package, BiMUp5D is able to quantify building materials and elements during the early stages of housing design. The beauty of the innovation is that it makes BIM become easily accessible for SMEs.”