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Dr Narguess Khatami

Dr Narguess Khatami

Merit Award Winner 2016
NV LogIQ Wall Controller

Research Abstract

The "NV LogIQ" room controller has been designed to provide user friendly natural ventilation control in buildings. The controller takes advantage of pre-programmed control algorithms which have been developed based on four years of research collaboration between Loughborough University and SE Controls. The product controls both CO2 level (as an indicator of Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)) and room temperature by modulating natural ventilation flow using actuators and roof vents. The advanced temperature control strategy, in conjunction with IAQ algorithms, mitigate overheating and discomfort by regulating the ventilation rates. This ensures acceptable IAQ and thermal comfort while reducing energy consumption.

Winner's Bios

Dr Narguess Khatami

Hilson Moran Partnership

Narguess is currently a Sustainability Consultant at Hilson Moran. Prior to this, she was a research associate at Loughborough University and SE Controls where she developed Natural Ventilation control algorithms to improve Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) and energy efficiency in non-domestic buildings. Her research work formed the basis of her PhD studies where she developed retrofitted natural ventilation solutions and control strategies for existing office buildings, using a combination of dynamic thermal and CFD simulations. Narguess’s main specialties are building performance evaluation, building physics and low carbon design in the built environment.


Judge's comments

“This is a very clever and validated system which ensures an optimised environment. This innovation has been constructed on a clear amount of research; the end result is simple, easy to use and gives the user the ability to programme optimal conditions at the outset.”