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Mr Simon Kaufman and Richard Baker

Mr Simon Kaufman and Richard Baker

Merit Award Winner 2016
AssetScape World Management System

Research Abstract

AssetScape® is an asset management solution with a difference. It takes large, complex data sets such as LiDAR, photogrammetry, mapping, inventory and live data which it uses to automatically create a 3D virtual world. This world provides a platform for immersive data analysis and interaction. It combines a 3-dimensional data-management approach with a 3-dimensional graphics engine.


Amongst many other potential uses AssetScape is currently being licensed as a large-scale data-management solution for national infrastructure projects.

Research and development for AssetScape started as a self-funded project.  AssetScape recognised that there was a need for an intuitive product that could: 

  • Simplify users’ interpretation of increasingly complex data sets
  • Increase efficiency
  • Dramatically reduce training time

AssetScape were also aware that software evolution within infrastructure management can be relatively slow, which provided the inspiration to produce something potentially “game-changing”. These factors substantially contributed towards AssetScape’s decision to build prototypes of various system modules, working versions of which allowed the company to promote the system to potential early adopters.


Take-up by a number of major customers has allowed AssetScape to fund further development, meaning it can now offer a fully-functioning “World” Management System.

Winner's Bios

Simon Kaufman

AssetScape Ltd.

Simon started his professional life as a construction surveyor working on a variety of structural and civil engineering projects. In the mid-1990s, an untapped market and one customer’s requirement for a technical solution gave him the opportunity to exploit his computer programming hobby and build his first piece of commercial software.


In the years since Simon has built a business which supplies the construction industry and infrastructure managers with low-maintenance software solutions with a particular emphasis on user-friendliness. A considerable proportion of Simon’s time is now spent on R&D, through which products such as AssetScape have evolved.

Richard Baker

AssetScape Ltd.

Richard has a background in, and passion for, writing computer gaming software. His programming talents and his ability to innovate were the main factors that resulted in him being chosen as lead programmer for the AssetScape project.


Richard’s involvement in AssetScape has been pivotal and he has influenced every aspect of the way that the system functions. His ability to simplify the complex has been invaluable during the creation of the system.


Judge's comments

“This is a very elegant approach to solving a real-world problem. The innovation is highly transferrable and helps asset managers to manage their assets more effectively, and with greater accuracy. This is a promising innovation which has the potential to transform the way data for a major project is mapped and configured.”