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Mark Mulville and Dr Spyridon Stravoravdis

Mark Mulville and Dr Spyridon Stravoravdis

Merit Award Winner 2016
The Impact of Regulations on Overheating risk in Dwellings

Research Abstract

Published in Building Research and Information, Vol. 44; Issue 5-6, pp. 520-534, 2016


Many new and emerging regulations and standards for buildings focus on climate change mitigation through energy and carbon reduction. In cool climates, such reductions are achieved by optimizing the building for heat retention. It is increasingly recognized, however, that some degree of climate change is now inevitable. New and existing buildings need to consider this to ensure resilience and an ability to adapt over time. In this context, the current approach to regulation that largely remains focused on the ‘point of handover’ may not be fit for purpose. 


This paper focuses on a ‘typical’ dwelling designed to a range of standards, representing current or emerging approaches to minimising energy use, using a range of construction methods, where a number of adaptations are available to occupants. It considers, through the use of building performance simulation, how each configuration is likely to perform thermally over time given current climate change predictions. It is demonstrated that the current approach to assessing overheating risk in dwellings, coupled with the regulatory focus on reducing energy consumption, could result in significant levels of overheating. This overheating could, in the near future, present a risk to health and result in the need for significant interventions.


The paper can be accessed here

Winner's Bios

Mark Mulville

University of Greenwich, UK

Mark is Academic Leader of the MSc portfolio of built environment programmes and a member of the Sustainable Built Environments Research Group (SBERG) at the University of Greenwich. Before joining the University of Greenwich in 2010 Mark had industry based roles in surveying, architectural practice and technical consultancy focused on the building fabric and systems. Mark’s research interests focus on the delivery of long-term buildings performance particularly in relation to the potential impacts of climate change, the role of occupant behaviour in energy efficiency and wider building performance and the impact of the building environment on health, wellbeing and productivity.

Dr Spyridon Stravoravdis

University of Greenwich

Dr Spyros Stravoravdis is a senior lecturer of sustainable design and construction at the University of Greenwich. His interests lie in the fields of environmental and sustainable design, building performance modelling, tool development, BIM, daylighting and comfort. He has extensive research and consulting experience having worked in these fields for the past 14 years from small scale to large scale international projects.