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Anthony Butera

Anthony Butera

Merit Award Winner 2016
Experimental Study on Recycled Concrete Behaviour

Research Abstract

A problem that today’s society as well as tomorrow’s society will face is the effective application of recycling. Construction and demolition waste is attributed to a large portion of landfill space when compared to other waste. There is surely a superior approach in order to utilise this waste, one possible solution being the usage of construction and demolition waste as aggregate within concrete.   


This research aims to assist recycling and sustainability by way of strengthening recycled aggregate concrete in an inexpensive and practical process. The process of Carbon-conditioning is a successful method for increasing recycled concrete strength in a cost effective and practical way. This method involves placing recycled aggregate inside a sealed chamber before exposing it to pressurised CO2 gas. The CO2 gas, by way of chemical reaction creates calcium carbonates, a compound the fills smaller holes in the concrete structure and heals cracks within the old aggregate, therefore, generating a tougher concrete. This research indicates that the process of carbon-conditioning is a fruitful supplementary concrete strengthening method; however, there is a plethora of variables that can be explored which can assist the process to become even more prosperous. 

Winner's Bios

Anthony Butera

Western Sydney University

Anthony graduated a bachelor of construction management with a first class honours as well as the highest grade point average of his class at Western Sydney University. He is currently furthering his study of Carbon-conditioned concrete through the medium of a PhD in engineering philosophy. 


He is passionate about his field and wishes to help create a recycled concrete which is economical, strong and practical.