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Abdul Aziz Abas

Abdul Aziz Abas

Merit Award Winner 2016
Variation in Price of Preliminaries in Construction Projects during Tender Stage

Research Abstract

Preliminaries are unanimously accepted as an integral part of the Bills of Quantities (BQ) and their accuracy had been the interest of many researchers in the past decades. Generally, variation in the price of Preliminaries is taken as the contractors’ risk. The understanding of Preliminaries determines the accuracy of price and value of the construction project. This indirectly reduces the chance of construction to fail. 


The aim of the research is to establish non-conclusive general guides in the price of Preliminaries. The main objective is to minimize variation in the construction Preliminaries during tender stage. The research identified pertinent causes of price variation in Preliminaries, impacts, and solutions to benefit the present and future construction industry in Malaysia. The research applied mixed method comprised of Content Analysis, Questionnaire Survey, and Semi-structured Interview. The research findings are triangulated; hence the more reliable results are established based on unanimous decisions. The research key findings are; (1) Establish the range of Preliminaries for the Civil Engineering work between 3.26% and 6.38% of the tender sum, and (2) Establish non-conclusive guides to minimize price variation in Preliminaries. The findings are envisaged to provide some form of a checklist for the betterment of the Malaysian construction industry. The research was supervised by Associate Professor Ruslan Affendy Arshad MCIArb.

Winner's Bios

Abdul Aziz Abas

University Teknologi Mara, Malaysia

Abdul Aziz completed his Master Degree in Integrated Construction Project Management from Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM), Malaysia in July 2016. He is currently pursuing a PhD in Built Environment from the same university. Prior to that he graduated from Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) in 1984 with Diploma in Civil Engineering and Polytechnic of The South Bank, U.K. in 1988 with Bachelor of Civil Engineering (Commendation). He is a Professional Civil Engineer with Practising Certificate, Member of Board of Engineers Malaysia and Fellow of Institution of Engineers, Malaysia (FIEM). He is currently attached to Jacobs Engineering Group Malaysia as a Technical Director in Civil Infrastructure.