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Robert Harris

Robert Harris

Premier Award Winner 2014
Oxypod: A Clear Solution to Energy Efficiency

Research Abstract

Oxypod™, which has been 11 years in development with financial support from The Goodwin Development Trust, removes entrained air from closed looped heating systems.  The device removes trapped and dissolves air down to a level that prevents the build-up of black sludge (magnetites).  It is achieved without the need of magnets, filters, inhibiters or any further maintenance.  The benefits of installing Oxypod™ include: significant energy reduction in all types of systems; faster heat up and recovery times; lower running temperatures and greater comfort levels.  Radiators hold the heat for longer, reducing the frequency of boiler ignition and burn times.  Systems are quieter and the circulation pump runs without any vibration.


Research has shown that not only will Oxypod™ reduce system friction, but it will also reduce the viscosity of the heating water.  As a result, cold spots in heating systems are eliminated.  Modelling done by Hull University has demonstrated that Oxypod™ is a genuine crossover to light commercial use: its shape allows it to run in systems with a flow rate of up to 200 litres per minute.

Winner's Bios

Robert Harris MCIOB

Earthdome Ltd, UK

Robert is a founding member of the Ecological Design Association and member of the All Party Parliamentary Environment Group.  He was previously college head of department for Agenda 21 and lecturer in ecological building at Kingston University and the London School of Economics.  He co-invented the Oxypod™ implosion device with Stanley Whetstone.  His company, Earthdome, was also the first to introduce ground source heat pumps into flats in London.  Robert won the energy efficiency category for Master Builder of the Year both in 2005 and 2008.  He has also been named British Green Champion for Fuel Power and Energy at the Green Apple Awards.  His publications include the Local Government Management Board report Building Control Perspective for the Future.

Stanley Whetstone

Goodwin Development Trust, UK

With a background in engineering, Stanley has been involved with water heating sales for over 30 years.  He began developing what is now the Oxypod™ technology in 2003, and started to collaborate with Robert in 2007.  Stanley and Robert are continuing to work together to develop further products, including an industrial Oxypod™ for larger heating systems.


Judge's comments

“The judging panel was impressed with this self-contained product which combines innovation and simplicity in equal measure.  It promises a significant potential impact on the efficiency of central heating systems across a wide proportion of the housing stock.  The panel was especially impressed by the tenacity of the applicants in pursuing the innovation journey.  Their commitment to the product is inspirational.  The panel wish them the very best of success with this innovative and yet enticingly simple product in the future.”