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Dr Robby Soetanto

Dr Robby Soetanto

Premier Award Winner 2014
BIM-Hub: Educating Future Built Environment Professionals to Work in BIM Environment

Research Abstract

Increasing international collaboration in the building industry is resulting in fast-growing demand for professionals that can work in virtual teams within online BIM environments.  International digital collaboration heralds a new way of working on site, and it will inevitably redefine the future of construction education.  Built environment students with BIM competencies will have a competitive advantage in the job market.  But there is little understanding of how educators can adapt quickly enough to this emerging area.  The BIM-Hub initiative explores how educators can help students hone their BIM competencies, and their ability to collaborate internationally in a real-time collaborative BIM environment.  The project captured the experience and identified the skills required to collaborate across highly integrated platforms.  It also examined the impact of these skills on overall employability.



Guidance for tutors and lecturers on effective practice for international BIM education has already been issued as a result of this initiative.  The findings and guidance are now being shared publicly, with the aim of encouraging a community of learning to develop. Information can be found on the project website:

Winner's Bios

Dr Robby Soetanto

Loughborough University, UK

Robby teaches construction management at Loughborough University.  Prior to this, he held post-doctoral research posts at Wolverhampton and Loughborough Universities and also lectured at Coventry University.  His current research focuses on the socio-technical system requirements of virtual collaboration in design teams.  He believes that understanding and meeting these requirements will play a key role in the industry’s successful transition to building information modelling (BIM).  Robby has published over 90 works, including three books and more than 30 referred journal papers.  His research has been funded by a number of public and private sector organisations including the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council, the European Union, the Higher Education Academy, British Council, Lloyds TSB and Hewlett Packard.


Judge's comments

“The judging panel was impressed that the innovation had been driven on an individual basis.  This was a tight cohort of colleagues spread across three universities who clearly found the motivation amongst themselves to implement this initiative.  The innovation not only created cross-disciplinary learning for students in a digital environment, but also achieved the learning at an international level.  The panel applauds Robby’s effort and enthusiasm in developing this innovative teaching and learning approach in a BIM environment.”