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Kung Wing

Kung Wing

Merit Award Winner 2014
A Discovery-Enriched Smart Mobile Phone App for Teaching and Learning Materials Development

Research Abstract

Traditionally teachers prepare most teaching and learning materials, and students are passive learners.  In this new teaching and learning method, teachers prepare an assignment brief based on information about a local project.  Students then use the Site Reconnaissance App (SRAp), a tailor-made smart mobile phone app, for exploring the latest applications of sustainable development for these projects.  When they have conducted their field work, students share and discuss their findings online with classmates.  After being reviewed by teachers, the information is uploaded onto a website.  A database gradually develops which becomes an essential self-learning tool for students.


This process incorporates three main innovative teaching and learning approaches:


a. A new synergy between teachers and students that enhances the educational process


b. The adoption of the latest information technology to facilitate online discussion of fieldwork observations


c. Sustainable development of teaching and learning materials. 


These innovative teaching approaches motivate and ignite a passion for knowledge and discovery in the students.

Winner's Bios

Dr Kung Wing (Andy) Ng MCIOB

City University of Hong Kong

Kung Wing Andy, is a lecturer of the Division of Building Science and Technology at the City University of Hong Kong.  He has built up extensive knowledge of the property-development process from inception stage to the end of the defect liability period.  He has worked with building contractors, consultancies and property developers handling diverse projects.  Andy started his academic career at the City University of Hong Kong.  His recent research includes knowledge transfer, subcontractor management and site coordination problems.

Dr Wing Tak (Arthur) Leung MCIOB

City University of Hong Kong

Wing Tak Arthur has been involved in the management of a number of large projects in Hong Kong.  These include the Great Eagle Centre, the Clubhouse and Grandstand for the Racecourses, Harbour City and family clinics.  He worked in construction projects for about 14 years prior to joining the City University of Hong Kong.  Arthur’s research interests include construction management practices, construction planning, site layout planning, safety management and teaching and learning development studies.

Dr Tak Wa (Caroline) Chan

City University of Hong Kong

Tak Wa Caroline is a professional quantity surveyor and has been involved in the contract administration for a number of large projects, such as the Hong Kong International Airport Passenger Terminal and the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre extension.  Her academic career started when she joined the City University of Hong Kong.  Caroline’s research interests include: estimating and tendering strategies; application of artificial intelligence in construction management practices and pedagogical studies related to AEC students.


Judge's comments

“The judging panel was impressed with the drive of the award winners in championing this innovation.  The panel was especially impressed that the smart mobile phone app had encouraged students to engage more proactively during the learning process.  It is hoped that this initiative continues to evolve and spreads across different institutions in Hong Kong and beyond.”