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Dr Xiaochun (Eric) Luo; Prof Heng Li; Mr Bo Ye

Dr Xiaochun (Eric) Luo; Prof Heng Li; Mr Bo Ye

Merit Award Winner 2015
Pro-active Construction Management System

Research Abstract

Proactive Construction Management System (PCMS) integrates a real-time location technology with virtual construction technologies to facilitate workers to detect unnoticeable hazards (e.g. a heavy machine approaching from behind) and provide proactive hazard-specific voice warnings immediately to workers when they are exposed to dangerous situations. The location technology implemented in PCMS has better suitability in changing construction environments in terms of location accuracy, ease of deployment and maintenance, and costs of purchase.


Moreover, the real-time position data of labour and equipment collected by PCMS enables us to automate safety risk assessment with changing site conditions. Specifically, a quantitative model for hazard exposure assessment was developed. For ease of understanding, in the quantitative model, a hazard is analogised as a radiation source and the hazard exposure is then referred to as the radiation quantity received. The longer duration and closer proximity in which a person is exposed to a radiation (hazard), the more radiation the person receives (the higher risk to which the person is exposed). Consequently, PCMS can provide safety officers with an ongoing and immediate means of comparing safety risk trends from worker, hazard and project perspectives.

Winner's Bios

Dr Xiaochun (Eric) Luo

Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Xiaochun is a senior research fellow and works at the Construction Virtual Prototyping (CVP) lab of Hong Kong Polytechnic University with Prof Heng Li. He earned his Bachelor of Civil Engineering, Master of Computer Application in Civil Engineering and Doctorate in the field of computer-aided construction briefing in 2001, 2006 and 2010, respectively. His current research focuses on proactive construction safety management, occupational safety and health, and workers’ behaviour and productivity. His earlier research areas include virtual simulation of construction processes, knowledge system development for construction briefing, and web-based construction project management.

Professor Heng Li

Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Heng is a world leading researcher in the area of Construction Virtual Prototyping (CVP) and Building Information Modelling (BIM). He is a Chair Professor of Construction Informatics and Director of Construction Virtual Prototyping Laboratory (CVPL). Under his leadership, the CVPL has conducted numerous funded research projects and developed the Proactive Construction Management System (PCMS) to integrate BIM with site management practices. Heng is the Review Editor of Automation in Construction which is a top journal on construction management research.

Mr Bo Ye

Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Bo is a research associate in the department of Building and Real Estate at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Bo completed his Master’s degree at Chongqing University in China. With a background in software engineering, Bo participated in several R&D projects in the field of construction IT, mainly focusing on software design and development. His current research interest is in construction information technology and Building Information Modelling (BIM). He looks forward to developing a robust software platform to facilitate construction management.


Judge's comments

“The system demonstrates an innovative application of location technologies to help workers detect and control hazards on construction sites. This proactive and real-time warning system has much merit in providing potential solutions for managing health and safety on site. The panel looks forward to its further testing and exploration in real-world contexts, especially with reference to workers’ behavioural responses.”