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Dr William Collinge

Dr William Collinge

Highly Commended Winner 2015
Infection Control in Design and Construction Work Health

Research Abstract

Published in Health Environments Research & Design Journal, Vol. 8/3; pp. 68-79, 2015


The paper aims to clarify how infection control requirements are represented, communicated, and understood in work interactions through the medical facility construction project life cycle, and to assist project participants with effective infection control management by highlighting the nature of such requirements and presenting recommendations to aid practice. This consisted of a four-year study on client requirement representation and use on NHS construction projects in the United Kingdom to provide empirical evidence of infection control requirement communication and understanding through design and construction work interactions. 


An analysis of construction project resources (e.g. infection control regulations and room data sheets) was combined with semi-structured interviews with hospital client employees and design and construction professionals to provide valuable insights into the management of infection control issues. Infection control requirements are representationally indistinct, but also omnipresent through all phases of the construction project life cycle: failure to recognize their nature, relevance, and significance can result in delays, stoppages, and redesign work. Construction project resources can mask or obscure the meaning of infection control issues. 


A pre-emptive identification of issues combined with knowledge sharing activities among project stakeholders can enable infection control requirements to be properly understood and addressed. Such initiatives should also reference existing infection control regulatory guidance and advice.

Winner's Bios

Dr William Collinge

University of Reading, UK

Bill is a researcher in the School of Construction Management & Engineering at the University of Reading, UK.  He is currently working on the Innovate UK funded ‘Rethinking the Build Project’, having completed his PhD at the University of Reading in 2014. Bill`s background covers information management, IT systems design, design communications and construction project stakeholder management.  In addition to his PhD, Bill also holds degrees from Warwick (BA), Liverpool John Moores (MA) and Reading (MSc). 


Judge's comments

“An interesting longitudinal research paper that outlines infection control requirements at different phases of construction project life cycle of hospital projects.  The writing is lucid and the insights provided would be of interest to all stakeholders working on healthcare projects.”