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Dr Martina Murphy

Dr Martina Murphy

Merit Award Winner 2015
Implementing Innovation: A Stakeholder Competency-Based Approach for BIM

Research Abstract

Published in Construction Innovation:  Information, Process, Management, Vol. 14/4; pp.433-452, 2015


The purpose of the paper was twofold: to review established literature to define and classify Building information modelling (BIM); and to identify gaps in current BIM literature with respect to stakeholder competency.  Construction projects adopt innovation to address client requirements. BIM has been cited as one such innovation. However, there is concern that the industry lacks the mechanisms to effectively implement BIM.  It is proposed that the problem lies in that BIM is currently being delivered as a project rather than an innovation; and the failure to address stakeholder competency as the key delivery agent of BIM.


A qualitative study using literature and gap analysis techniques was undertaken to establish the “state of the art”. Using an established Competency Framework 31, studies on BIM were assessed.  A matrix was developed aligning the BIM studies with the Competency Framework and the findings systematically evaluated to identify gaps in the current literature.


BIM should be defined as a technical innovation and classified as a “System” of multiple innovations. Aligning the literature identified that BIM literature has largely focussed on strategic competence with some evidence of technical competence. However, there was scant investigation of information and communication competence which ranks as the most critical competency for BIM implementation. The study identified that whilst the competency-related literature on BIM was not yet rich enough to provide a sound conceptual foundation for investigation; it was evident that BIM implementation aligns closely with the innovation process. 

Winner's Bios

Dr Martina Murphy

Ulster University, UK

Martina is a Lecturer in Construction and Project Management at Ulster University since 2010.  A Chartered Architect by profession, she had 14 years in practice in the UK and Far East working on a range of projects from commercial buildings to large-scale infrastructure.  Martina obtained a PhD degree from the Ulster University in 2004 on the implementation of innovations in the construction procurement process. She has sat on a number of advisory, public and charity boards, including the Royal Society of Ulster Architects (RSUA).  More recently, Martina has taken over as Course Director for the Masters (MSc) programme in Construction Business and Project Management in the School of the Built Environment, Ulster University.


Judge's comments

“This paper offers a novel approach to arguing that BIM implementation should be considered as a process of innovation and thus stakeholder competency should be taken into account to assess the implementation efficiency. It provides an improved understanding of BIM implementation and makes a demonstrable contribution to knowledge.”