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Mr Sotiris Eftychiou

Mr Sotiris Eftychiou

Premier Award Winner 2015
Multi-Service Trunking System (MSTS) Heat Saving Potential in Buildings

Research Abstract

District heating systems are proposed as a key component on reaching the goals on carbon emissions reduction set by the Climate Change Act 2008.  The limited use of such systems in the UK promises a substantial growth in district heating networks over the following years.  However, studies have shown that the highest thermal energy losses in these networks are found at the distribution stages (28.96%).  The effectiveness of the MSTS’s geometry on recovering thermal losses makes it ideal for improving the efficiency of district heating networks.


This study investigates the heat transfer between fluids in the MSTS, determining its effectiveness on reducing thermal energy losses.  An experimental investigation was carried out on a test rig of uPVC pipes.  Measurements were compared from 216 different combinations of hot water temperature, discharge value and flow direction.


On average, 64% of the heat lost by the hot water was recovered by the cold water at equal opposite flows, compared to the 6.2% by other double piping systems.  Furthermore, the MSTS without thermal insulation performs better than single pipe insulated systems, but poorer than double piping insulated systems.  However, with the application of thermal insulation the MSTS is expected to demonstrate higher efficiencies.

Winner's Bios

Mr Sotiris Eftychiou

Loughborough University, UK

Sotiris has recently graduated from Loughborough University with a Distinction in Construction Project Management. Working in a family business in Cyprus from a young age, he realised his interest in construction and went on to undertake a Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering at Nottingham Trent University.  His enthusiasm for building saw him returning to the UK for his postgraduate studies and after graduating is now pursuing a career in the construction industry.


Judge's comments

“This dissertation is outstanding as measured against the judging criteria. It is structured around a well-articulated research question which is addressed by a well-designed research method. A wide range of factors about the efficiency of the MSTS district heating system were analysed comprehensively and the conclusions were succinctly drawn. The judging panel was impressed by the student’s excellent research capability.”